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Campaign to recruit real estate agents. The Top Dog character was used in all communication from brochures to letterhead. Vector based file. 


Illustration for Coffee Surgeons. Image was used as part of the logo and also pulled out for magazine advertising. Vector based file.


Ink and wash illustration was used for the cover of Cafe Magazine and also as the main illustration for the NZ Coffee Festival held in Taupo.


Racecar team looking to rebrand under Team Husky Racing. Main illustration was cropped to only include the top half of the husky head. Vector based illustration.


NZ Breakers mascot Cheeky the Kea existed only in photographs from game day. The cartoon-style illustration allowed Cheeky to live on in a different form.


Four vector based illustrations designed to give an old-style candy feel to these dessert plates.


Series of airbrush and ink illustrations depicting santa's four reindeers. Illustrations used on the packaging lid and on each plate.


Christmas card illustration of santa at the beach. Even he gets some time off! Vector based file.


3D generated rendering showing cross section of house with product placement. Bitmap based file.


3D generated rendering showing product placement within bathroom situation. Bitmap based file.


Product illustration showing ceiling cavity cut-away of the Unovent. Image used in brochures and website. Vector based file.

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