Animated in-house Christmas promotion.


Various sized animated gif promotions outlining the numerous benefits to Blue Coconut Coconut Oil.


Natural pet products showing the range of freeze-dried products and supplements. 3 stage animation.


To this point Blue Coconut Oil was available in larger containers, but the convenience of having a typical portion available in a sachet was perfect for the variety of uses it was intended for. 3 stage animation.


Multiple layouts promoting brand and services. 2 and 3 part animations.


 One of the benefits to using animated digital advertising is the ability to display multiple images within the same space. Creative Displays wanted to show a variety of display solutions with the call to action of "bring your brand to life".  


This campaign used customer testimonies to communicate the benefits and satisfaction of using a showerdome.

3 part animation.


Takeover pages with banner and medium rectangle animation is an incredibly potent was of increasing brand awareness and driving customers to your website.


Connected animation from banner to MRec with separate animation within each. Very effective promotion for brand recognition and reinforcement of market share.


Tourism Radio App flash pages and internal branding for Hertz and Go Rentals.